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    • By Jack Napier (Tyler) in RP Events/Altis Press Blogs 0
      Here at Altis News we express our most sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones today, due to the brutal and petrifying attack on the local Kavala Bank. We thankfully have the full coverage on the incident and exclusive photos taken by a on scene reporter. We advise readers discretion since the following content is graphic. 
      At around 9pm Central standard time at the kavala bank a estimated number of four Assailants armed and dangerous began to rob the local Kavala Bank. Tensions began to rise at the situation when cops arrived via helicopter and heavily armed ground units. Negotiations were attempted but eventually due to a possible lack there of communication or persistence the negotiations were called off... Shooting began quickly after the negations were ceased and bullets of all calibers bounced off the concrete building and roads. From the perspective of the reporter there was a recorded 2+ Injured and potentially killed. We have revealing images for the public that describe the scene and even provide context as to who the deceased might be view the following images at your own risk.  

    • By Jack Napier (Tyler) in RP Events/Altis Press Blogs 0
      A rapid and dangerous vehicle chase took place in downtown kavala today.  It did not reach very high speeds, the suspect that was being pursuited is unknown , what is known is that the suspect was driving recklessly on public roads in a Go-Kart. The pursuit ended with the suspect crashing and injuring themselves but from photos taken from the scene it is visible that the suspect did receive appropriate medical attention.  The chase went on for four minutes...

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